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Jim's book "Seven Visions of Revelation - A Study Guide" presents a new look at this last book in the Bible. So many see the chapters 4 to the end as yet unfullfiled stretching out into the future yet unrealized while others look at it as a book of the first century only with little relavance for the present. Jim sees the book of the centuries speeking to the Chruch of today as much as any other time.

A Xulon Press release, LONGWOOD, FL—For many, the book of Revelation remains as cryptic today as when it was first written.  Seven Visions of Revelation—A Study Guide ($15.99, paperback, 1-60034-286-8; $25.99, hardcover, 1-60034-287-6) offers a fresh new look at the last book in the Bible, with a verse-by-verse examination that sees not one continuous vision, but seven visions.  Each vision covers the corresponding period of man’s history on earth between the advent of Jesus Christ and His second coming.  Author James A. Brunner hopes to show that Revelation “is neither primarily past nor future, but speaks primarily to the present situation the Christian faces in this world.  Revelation is not a mystery, but rather the unveiling of the Lord Jesus in the world through all ages.”


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