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   Home Ministry can be easily overlooked.  It is often easier to share the gospel somewhere else rather than at home with family and neighbors.  Jim and Barbe have been involved in many home meetings in Tucson.  Their whole journey with the Lord really took off when they began home meetings while still in the Methodist pastorate.  They are both active in their home church, Grace to the Nations, which they helped to pioneer in the early 1970s.  In fact, Grace began as a home Fellowship.  The true sign of one's commitment to the great commission is the relationship with family, friends and neighbors.

   Traveling was a large part of Jim's early ministry but now since Jim's heart attack and back surgery for the removal of a tumor Jim and Barbe are spending most of the time in southern Arizona and particularly Tucson ministring at their local Church, Grace To The Nations at men's breakfasts or class rooms.  At time he is in other local pulpits as the Lord opens the door and in our local county jail.  Jim serves on the local Prayer House Board and enjoys sharing the Lord there on occasions.  He is a contributor to the local Tucson Evangelical Association of pastors as well as the local Order of St. Luke.  There is also the hospital visitations they make for the Church and often simply at the request of others who love them.  Many simply come to the house for counseling and a time of sharing together or to attend one of their Bible studies in their home or that of other saints.  They even have a time when friends come to their home for a time of prayer and table games around the kitchen table. 

   Barbe is an anointed caregiver.  Jim has stood with her as she has been led to care of aged saints who do not have any living relations.  Such care is a call God put on the Church, care for the elder and older saints. In fact Acts 6 tells us that it is the care of the older saints that caused the first deacons to be set aside by the early Church. On Thursdays she has 10 or more younger women at the house for fellowship and support. Just being available is all the Lord asks of each of us.

   Both Jim and Barbe are retired pastors of Grace To The Nations Church in Tucson.  For some time now Jim has shared communion with the saints between services there.  It is such a privilege to share the Lord with your brothers and sisters who long to feed on Jesus and walk a holy life with Him.

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