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Apostle Malcolm Sobers

This email from Malcolm on the 26th of May, 2017.

Dear Family, friends , and Supporters,

A Big Thank You.

First of all I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you who prayed for me during the past 3 weeks. The level of care, concern ,and serious intercession that went up on my behalf was very encouraging. I remarked to my Wife Carol “How greatly I am loved by family and friends”. Yesterday I completed the long awaited ‘Stress test’ which did not show anything negative with my Heart, but the investigation is not over. In 2 months time I will be doing a different test, but what a relief and freedom came to me this afternoon.

No Communications

  Many of you who did not hear from me thought that I was in Abuja Nigeria as planned. I was not granted the entrance Visa to go, but it was the Lord’s doing to allow me time to pay attention and give priority to some urgent Health concerns. I will resume communications more prudently as I make some necessary adjustment to my life and work.

On  Hold

 I had to put several persons and projects on hold to give priority to the sudden and scary Health issues that came up. (Chest pains, elevated Blood pressure etc, followed by 3 EKG , Ultrasound and several trips to my Family Doctor, Cardiologist, and Specialist)  Having gone through this recent experience I realize that I cannot go back to the same schedule, nor run at the same pace in the coming months.


Myself, Wife, and Family and concern persons have agreed that some changes are necessary in my approach to work and life, so my new Lifestyle change will begin with a Sabbatical, Lifestyle, exercise and Diet changes. I was schedule to be on a Mission Trip to the Caribbean, this is now adjusted to include a break.  My schedule for the rest of 2017 will undergo a major change.

Please Pray for God’s wisdom and Guidance as I seek him.

Many Blessings,  and thanks again.



Malcolm Sobers was born and raised in Guyana South America, a former British Colony and the only English speaking Country in South America.

He and his late wife Anita served the Lord in Evangelism Pastoral Ministry and Church Planting after graduating from Bible School in 1974.  From 1975 -1989 most of their work was in Guyana working with The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers in Guyana, and later International Leadership Connections.  Malcolm severed as Church Planter, Pastor, Prophet/Teacher/Mentor, and several Leadership positions.  His itinerant included lots of troubleshooting /conflict resolution within the above Fellowship.   

In 1988 God spoke to Malcolm while he was in the UK to leave his native Guyana and move to the Caribbean to establish a wider Ministry base.  In 1989 he and his family moved by  faith to Barbados to set up their Apostolic /Prophetic Ministry Base, under the name Caribbean Outreach Ministries Int’l from which they ministered to many individuals ,local churches and the Body of Christ through Conferences, Seminars, and workshops Malcolm’s International travels have taken him to most of the English speaking, Dutch, French, and Spanish speaking Nations in the Caribbean some of them multiple times.  During the 90’s Malcolm was known and loved in most of that Territory, since then he has ministered in many other Nations outside the Caribbean, Canada being the 25th Nation.  The focus of his Ministry has taken several faces, as the seasons changed in the last three decades, in the 70’s Evangelism, and Church Planting, in the 80’s Pastoral and Leadership emphases, the 90’s Fivefold Ministry, Missions and Outreach to the Nations.  Since 2000 Malcolm’s anointed ministry to hurting and wounded Leaders in the Body of Christ has helped to restore, and bring great encouragement to several of God’s servants. 

Malcolm is  now transitioning  from his third Ministry base in Belize Central America former British Honduras, with just over three hundred thousand people two thirds of which are between the ages of 20-35 years old.  Belize City, the capitol has some 70,000  living there.  Caribbean Outreach Ministries and Malcolm after working in Belize for 10 years is now moving north to the United States and Canada.  The work with local Leaders/Pastors and Churches, Counseling and Deliverance, the national Family Court and Human Services will continue.

Malcolm and Caribbean Outreach Ministries has a uniqueness about them,.The ministry has always had a strong Prayer/Intercessory edge to it, fostered Unity among Churches and Church Leaders, responded to Political and Spiritual Crisis in the Nations, and has brought wise counsel during those times.  

Malcolm and Carol his new wife need your prayers and financial support as they seek to bring this unique faith based ministry to The Greater Toronto Area along with the Albany New York area.  The immediate target groups are Pastors/leaders of the Caribbean, Central and South American Diaspora, many of them working independently and struggling in isolation with small congregations, and could benefit from Malcolm’s encouragement and experience.  His email address is malcolm.sobers@gmail.com.

The Lord Jesus is definitely using this couple to bring greater cooperation and unity among the family of God.  I have been privileged to be with Malcolm when he was ministering in the country of Belize and know him to be a man of great integrity and Christian faith.  God bless and thanks for considering this ministry for support.  - Jim Brunner


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