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April 1                   

Arrows of the Almighty




Faithful Servants
John 18:17 - "The servant girl at the door said to Peter, 'You also are not one of this Man's disciples, are you?'"

     She was a servant girl minding the front door. It was a busy night. You see the whole Sanhedrin was assembled, and the trouble maker Jesus of Nazareth was on trial before them! She did her job, letting everybody in and shutting the door. Then one of the men came back to ask her a favor. "Would you let my friend in, too?" he said to her pointing to Peter. 
     It was no skin off her nose. John was known to the high priest's household, and she didn't mind letting his friend Peter in too but she was curious. She knew John was a follower of Jesus, so as Peter entered, she asked him, "You aren't one of this Man's disciples too, are you?"
     That question gets asked more often than we think. At work, at school, in the neighborhood - folk look at us, just as the girl looked at Peter, and wonder: "You aren't one of these Christians, are you?" They may ask us to our faces, or they may ask other people behind our backs. But they are curious.
     Such curiosity is an excellent opportunity to share your faith about Jesus. Yes, Peter blew his chance and denied Jesus. But soon, his attitude and bravery came to the forefront. 
     I pray that your life and the way you live makes others curious about your faith. May they see some real goodness and kindness in each of us. Pray for your friends. Ask God to make them curious about Jesus - and that the Spirit of God will give you the right words to say at the right time. Yes, many are watching and observing just how you live. May it always be out of great faith in the finished word of Christ Jesus!





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