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September 1

Arrows of the Almighty



Hope In the Midst of Grief
"Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight." (Luke 24:31)
     Back in 2014 we had planned a family get together to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary but one day after the date, December 27th our Grandson, Johnnie Cornelius, only 28 and married for two years to a wonderful bride, died after a long illness. In the following weeks and months, the whole family walked each day in a tunnel of grief. The pain of losing someone so young and wonderful clouded my vision, and at times I asked, "Why?" Obviously, I did not see that God was so nearby.
     In Luke 24, two disciples, confused and brokenhearted after Jesus's death, didn't realize they were walking with their resurrected Savior and Teacher Himself, even as He explained from Scripture why the promised Savior had to die and rise again. Only when He took bread and broke it was it revealed that this was Jesus (vv. 30-31). Those followers of Jesus had faced the worst of deaths - crucifixion on a cross - with all its horror when Jesus died, through His resurrection from the dead God showed them how to hope again.
     Like those disciples, we might feel weighed down with confusion or grief. But we can find hope and comfort in the reality that Jesus is alive and at work in the world - and in you and me. Although we still face heartache and pain, we can welcome Christ to walk with us in our tunnel of grief. As the Light of the world (John 8:12), He always brings rays of hope and soon bright light to displace our fog.




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